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Ralph’s Fur Farm

Starting as a simple idea, the dream is to have a farm full of huskies!


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The Idea

Read about how the idea for Ralph’s Fur Farm came to be.

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Ralph's Fur Farm is only a dream at this time. Starting out from our house with only one Husky, the plan is to spin shed or brushed out Huksy hair into top quality yarn known as chiengora. We operate on a very strict no-harm policy. All fur is gathered from naturally shed hair or brushed/blown out hair. We also work with local groomers to take brushed out husky fur off their hands. We use no skins or pelts!

Starting up in 2020, the plan is for Ralph's Fur Farm to expand into a literal farm with enough land for a pack of 11 huskies. The huskies will have a dedicated house with access to the fenced in acre yard. House will be furnished with couches, dedicated pens for each pup, tons of toys and of course, food & water.

We want to offer the space as Husky Rescue as well for any unwanted or huskies that need re-homed.

The Fur Farm

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Farm Store


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Husky Rescue

Coming Soon?

Ralph's Store

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First Time Chiengora Spinning with Husky Fiber

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Recent Journal Entries

Fur Farm Update #1 - a journal entry from Ralph's Fur Farm

Fur Farm Update #1

After hitting a few bumps, the road to Ralph's Fur Farm encounters some unexpected turns but still seems to be heading in the right direction.

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The Yarn - a journal entry from Ralph's Fur Farm

The Yarn

We got the legalities covered and a cleaning process established. Next...how do we make yarn?

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