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The Farm

Ralph’s Fur Farm is the dream! Starting in our town-home in York, PA, the dream is to have a 2 acre plot of land where a pack of 10 huskies (plus Ralph) can have tons of room to run and have fun.

A barn or multi-car garage will be converted to a “husky house” which will be outfitted with doggie doors so the pack to go in and out of the “husky house” when they want. The “husky house” will also be outfitted with a running water fountain for drinking, LOTS OF TOYS and plenty of kibble to go around.

The Beardman family will live on the farm as well taking care of the pack. The pack will be brushed weekly and shed fur will be stored to be later cleaned and spun into yarn. With a pack of that size, there is also going to be a LARGE amount of poop to be picked up on a daily basis.

Expansion plans include offering grooming services (where Husky owners get a discount) and opening our space as a husky rescue for unwanted huskies or huskies looking to be re-homed.