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The Yarn

Posted on September 22nd, 2020

We got the legalities covered and a cleaning process established. Next…how do we make yarn?

The research begins. I learn about fiber, carding, how fibers are spun together to make yarn and what a bobbin is! I start looking into the equipment and find the Electric Eel Wheel Nano 1.1. It comes off as the perfect starter e-Spinner. After that, I purchase a pair of Ashford Hand Carders from The Woolery to start carding my cleaned Husky fiber into small rolags.

I watched several YouTube videos/tutorials to get the concept down of spinning. Example videos include How To Make Dog Yarn…From Your Own Dog!, Preparing your yarn after spinning, Getting Started with the EEW Nano 1.1, Learning to Spin on an eSpinner, Hand Carding and Drafting: achieving consistency

The EEW Nano has small holes to secure the spinner. I’ve seen videos of people attaching theirs to a block or weight to keep it from moving while spinning. Taking a cue from them, I used an old decorative wooden box to mount my eSpinner onto. When not spinning, I can slide it off the box and keep it inside the box for storage. I add some awesome stickers to brand my Fur Farm Spinning Box.

Spinning Box
Spinning Box with Mounted Spinner

I quickly learn that carding and spinning are VERY difficult! I need a lot of practice, specifically on my drafting technique and working on preventing over-spinning (which seems to be a common problem). After my 4th attempt to spin, I finally get a hold of the process to feed yarn onto the bobbin. However my first “successful” spin session resulted in a combination of overspun sections and inconsistent thickness.

All that said, I have seen progress. So I’m heading back to it!!!

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