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The Husky Fur Cleaning Process

Posted on September 18th, 2020

Finding fur was the easy part. Ralph leaves it all over the house! We find fur on the couch, our clothing…HECK…Husky hair ends up in our food! The central air kicks on and you can watch Husky Fiber fly through the air. So I’m in no shortage so far of finding fur. But before I make yarn out of it, I have to clean it.

All the reports I read about Chiengora have a similar, common problem. When wet, Chiengora smells like wet dog. So my biggest challenge so far is to figure out how to eliminate and prevent any dog smell. So the Googling begins and I find all sorts of resources saying how to wash fiber. All resources indicate a similar cleaning method:

  1. Soak husky fiber in soapy water (in sink or tub).
  2. Transfer soapy fiber into clean, rinse water and soak to rinse.
  3. Transfer rinsed fiber (without squeezing out water) into empty tub and massage conditioner through wet fiber. Fill tub with hot, clean water.
  4. Let conditioned fiber soak
  5. Remove fiber, squeeze out water and let air dry

There was no “right answer” when it comes to what soaps to use. My initial thought was “delicate soaps”. I go out and buy a laundry detergent for sensitive skin. I figured this was the best route. I soak and rinse and it totally smelled like dog.

So I went back to the drawing board.

Laurie then talks to some yarn enthusiast and finds out they used a simple method for cleaning their dog fiber when making dog yarn. Dawn liquid dish soap and hair conditioner. I was in shock, “That’s it?” I said. Thinking it couldn’t hurt, I went out and bought some Dawn and found a “detoxifying” hair conditioner that smells AWESOME.

So that’s the cleaning process at this time. The next adventure is carding the fiber to prep it for spinning.

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