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Fur Farm Update #1

Posted on January 18th, 2021

Hi Everyone! It’s been a minute since we shared an update. 2020 got all wrapped up and now we’re running like a bunch of crazy huskies into 2021. We’re still trying to achieve our end goal of having a Siberian Husky Fur Farm but we’ve hit a few bumps in the road.

First thing I found out was that spinning is VERY hard. I had bought a small electric spinner and a pair of carding brushes. I cleaned the fiber, carded it and attempted spinning and it is NOT up my alley. I have no problem brushing dogs, running the website and everything else…but I can’t spin. I realized in order to make a quality product, I need to find someone that can spin to bring my idea to life.


Ive been following a yarn spinning sub-reddit called like r/Handspinning which covered all sorts of posts from chiengora spinning, armature spinning, hand spinning and sharing various fiber spinning projects. I throw up a call-for-help post to see what the cost would be to have someone else card and spin the fiber. I start the post like…

I am looking for an experienced someone in the US that can clean, card and spin fiber. I ship you the fiber, you do your magic and ship it back (I’ll pay for shipping both ways and whatever you charge for your time). I can layout my entire idea for you if you are interested. The hope is that this will be repeat work.

I start to receive quite a few DMs from a bunch of great people. After talking with so many people, I meet frogeyedape. An experienced spinner from Texas. She explains how she can help with the spinning but the cleaning and carding increases the price. I have no problem cleaning the fiber but carding is a tough pill to swallow. Hand carding is pretty hard and time consuming. Using a drum carder would be ideal. However the sticker shock of a drum carder throws another wrench into my plans!

Then a Christmas miracle! Frogeyedape hits me up on reddit a few days after Christmas saying she has acquired a drum carder as a Christmas gift to herself. This gets my brain going. If we can gather and wash the fiber, she can card and spin it. Then eventually if all goes well, we can eventually buy a drum carder, take on that step of the process and free Frogeyedape to focus on only spinning.

With this great news, we can move forward. I revisit what fiber I should combine with the husky fiber. Originally I planned on wool but I hear awesome things about alpaca fiber. I reach out to a local alpaca farm in York, PA but they do not sell the raw fiber. I search some more and find CoastToCoast Fiber on Etsy.com. I purchase a pound of white fiber and I am currently waiting for it to arrive. Once it does, I will remove guard hairs from the alpaca & husky fiber, wash it up and dry it and then ship it to Texas for carding and spinning. After Frogeyedape works her magic, we’ll get it shipped back.

So that’s the plan at this time. Going through this process allows us to see how well the husky fiber will spin with the alpaca fiber. We’ll take the completed yarn to some yarn stores and yarn enthusiast and see what they think of the finished product. If all goes well, we’ll try to expand our methods of husky fiber gathering by reaching out to some local groomers who have husky clients.

Stay tuned!

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