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Research and Legalities

Posted on September 12th, 2020

On a random evening, the idea hits me like a ton of bricks! A HUSKY FARM! A farm where Huskies can run, play and get groomed 3 times a week. Shed fur will be collected, cleaned and spun into yarn (or also known as Chiengora). So the idea is set..lets scope the competition.

I jump on to the interwebs to check the market. I start researching and see lots of people spin their husky’s shed fur into yarn. Many praising it’s ability to hold in heat better then alpaca and other furs. During my researching as well, I saw many retailers offered a lot of “faux” products. Only places offering REAL husky fur products were through Etsy, eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Sellers on these platforms were people utilizing their few dogs to make what yarn they can. After research, it appears no one is doing this at all…yet.

I thought “no one is selling it because it’s illegal”. I start digging and find out the legalities are not that bad. Turns out you can use the fur in products as long as it does not contain the skin or pelt of the dog. Checkout these links below…


Dog fur The term “dog fur” means the pelt or skin of any animal of the species Canis familiaris.


“Fur, skin or hair of a dog or cat.” The phrase does not include hair that is shed by a dog or cat through grooming or through natural process.

So based on this info, harvesting the loose/shed fur from a dog is legal and perfectly fine to clean and spin into yarn. Now we need to find a way to clean the shed hair so we can sell it (as the number one complaint with chiengora is smell if the material gets wet).

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