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The Idea

Posted on September 9th, 2020

One evening Laurie and I were watching TV. I was picking stray white dog hairs off our couch. Balling them up and throwing them out, I remember thinking “there has to be something that can be done with all this loose fur.”

Then an idea hit…PILLOWS! Just imagine how fluffy & soft a pillow full of husky fur would be. I begin researching how pillows are made and MAN…there’s a lot to it! The average standard pillow weighs 2.5 – 3 pounds. Which means setting aside the pillow “shell”, that’s at least 2 pounds of fur for one pillow (remainder would have been filled with polyester or cotton stuffing). Not to mention the label laws, hair cleaning/sterilization. PLUS…I mean…I’d need WAY more huskies. I’m talking about a FARM of huskies…

Then like lightening, another idea hit! A Husky Fur Farm! Imagine having an acre or two of land for a pack of 11 huskies to run like crazy. To make it better, we can convert a two car garage into “The Husky House” and install dog doors so they can go from their house to the yard. All that fur that could be brushed out, cleaned and used for SO MANY PRODUCTS!

After that, my brain sets forth on an avalanche of ideas! We can document the buying process, raising & training the pups, all the crazy shenanigans that come with huskies and best of all, watch the pack become part of the family! People LOVE to watch huskies on YouTube! People could visit the farm and play with the dogs. The ideas just kept rolling and rolling.

So the idea is set…now…can I do it?

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