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TIL About Print-on-Demand Services

Posted on September 14th, 2020

This dream of Ralph’s Fur Farm is all fun and games to dream about but I need to find funding. While working my full-time job and doing my freelance work, I have almost no time to put into this project. So what can I do?

My initial thought was Kickstarter. There are so many yarn fans and EVEN MORE HUSKY FANS. I’m sure I can get funded through there…but I don’t have experience yet. I don’t know if I can spin yarn yet, I don’t have a cleaning process and I only have 8 ounces of fiber at this time.

I need SOMETHING to sell to get some capital and get this ball rolling! Then I discovered Printful.com!

Printful is a print-on-demand service that easily integrates into most eCommerce systems. They print your designs on EVERYTHING! T-Shirts, Hoodies, Coffee Mugs, Stickers and even embroidering for hats and backpacks. You create the products on the Printful.com Dashboard and they sync into your eCommerce platform. You collect funds from the shopper, pay Printful the cost of production and then pocket the profit.

This is a great solution for a start-up with no original products to sell yet.

Now the profits are going to be VERY small through this service. From what you collect from your shopper, you have to pay Printful for the product & shipping. Plus depending on your state, you’ll have to collect taxes and don’t forget about your payment processor payment as well. Your profits will all depend on how much you mark-up your merchandise.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is getting that you’re getting your brand out there. You won’t be making tons off your transactions but the hope is that someone sees your brand out there and checks it out.

So is it worth the effort – I believe yes. I am able to launch a website with products ready to sell. Printful takes care of the production so I don’t have to keep shirts on hand, worry about shipping materials or drop stuff off at the post office. The greatest thing is if products do sell well, Printful offers ways to scale up with warehousing options and more.

Excited to see how this does. Stay tuned…

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